Silva Dolla Tarpon Tournament August 5–6, 2016

The “Silva Dolla” is the only tarpon tournament in Georgia and the longest running tarpon tournament in South Carolina and Georgia. We are fortunate to have these spectacular game fish migrate into our waters during the summer months. The general size of Georgia tarpon ranges from 50–150 pounds, and they are spectacular quarry on any type of tackle. This team-based tournament will be held Friday, August 5–Saturday, August 6.

Alexa Alligator July 2016

Ford’s Wild Side: Alligators on the Move

Summer is a very active time for reptiles in the south. Have you noticed turtles crossing the roads, alligators walking around property, and snakes sunbathing? This is normal during the summer months and can be a very exciting experience for passersby. Here’s what you should know:

Alligators stay near their mother for the first few years of their lives so she can protect them. However, alligators are territorial and eventually, mom and other alligators become more aggressive towards the two and three-year-old gators, forcing them to move out and find their own place as independent individuals. If you encounter a young gator walking across the road or in your yard, don’t be alarmed. This is not an aggressive behavior. They are simply looking for their new home and will walk for miles to find it. In the photo, Concierge Alexa Osterloh helps retrieve a gator from the Morgan’s yard on Little Lulu Lane.

ARB Update Fusile Residence June 2016

ARB Update: Home Building Activity at Ford

Our heat index is on the rise, and so is construction activity at the Ford Plantation. The office of the Town Architect currently has nine projects at different stages of construction and eight going through the architectural review process. We congratulate four members who have completed their homes just in time for summer:
• Roberto and Marcia Alvarez (Lot 314)
• Rich and Laura Armitage (Lot 102)
• Rory and Debi Corrigan (Lot M5)
• Karen and Jim McArdle (Lot 249)

Photo: The Fusile residence on Myrtle Grove will enhance our golfers’ views from hole #2.