John Lindsey

Golf Fitness Assessment and Program

Fitness Manager John Lindsey, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 1 trainer, offers members a Golf Fitness Assessment and Program. The first step is in an in-depth physical screen developed by TPI that will show individual body limitations that can influence your golf swing. Unless you’ve suffered some traumatic injury, correcting these physical limitations can be done through mobility drills, strength exercises, and being aware of your posture.

After the assessment, a program will be designed specifically for you, and John will walk you through every exercise and discuss it in detail so it is understood. He will also take pictures of you and add them to your program, along with cues and notes for each exercise that will help you perform each exercise correctly.

The assessment and program walk-through and workout are two separate visits, with the assessment taking 30 minutes and the program walk-through and workout taking an hour and 30 minutes.